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WellState provides extensive consultancy services in Health, Safety & Environment, Public Health and Change Management

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It’s a tug of war!

We all know how people like the feel good feeling of solving a problem. Well...I think people shouldnt create problems...
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NO?…I have a choice

Are youths capable of wielding power productively? It might not seem so, but a look at the facts suggests otherwise....
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Civic responsibility: what next?

It must be very difficult to heed the clarion call of an unperceived but highly important societal need, especially as...
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Get schooled

At the most basic level, education is learning. Gaining knowledge about something.  Ignorance however, is lack of knowledge or information....
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Get Re-acquinted

Drinking or eating straight from the container of any food or drink in whatever form the container comes is not safe unless that container is washed before the consumption of it's content
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Spit is litter

If you spit, you litter and possibly spread disease
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There is an adage in Igbo language...the best way to put it here is...when the heavy wind blows, it exposes...
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Ebola: The silver lining

Given that we live in a world of constant change and turmoil, a good number of us always seek to...
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The one habit that could save your life

In previous posts, we have discussed the benefits of hand washing, practicing good hygiene and living a healthy and safe...
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Health, Safety & Environment

WellState delivers a professional Health, Safety & Environment consultancy service that
is fit for purpose. WellState adopts an all inclusive approach to safety
that entails both management and …

Health Programs

WellState aims to improve health outcomes in individuals and plans, implements and
evaluate intervention targeted at replacing old beliefs with new norms.


Change Management

WellState is a change agent re-engineering or establishing processes in organizations with the aim
of improving quality of service provided, expectations of stakeholders and continuous improvement.