There is an adage in Igbo language…the best way to put it here is…when the heavy wind blows, it exposes the heavily feathered butt of the chicken.   This current outbreak of Ebola tests our healthcare system and preparedness levels like nothing else has in recent times.While African countries are […]

Ebola: The silver lining

Given that we live in a world of constant change and turmoil, a good number of us always seek to see the silver lining in the challenges we face daily. Something good has to come out of it all. In the case of this recent outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease […]

The one habit that could save your life

In previous posts, we have discussed the benefits of hand washing, practicing good hygiene and living a healthy and safe life. The current epidemic of ebola provides us with another reason to practice good hygiene including regular hand washing. But beyond making hand washing a habit, is the need to […]

The common good: a choice?

Why does it seem like the concept of the common good is one that is not practical in Nigeria? Employees in Nigerian organizations have no idea what the vision, goal or objectives of their organizations are, let alone have any sense of sharing or belonging. In politics it’s about how […]