It can’t wait…really?

I was talking with a well respected friend recently and found out he was trying to send an email while driving.
I asked why? Response: it couldn’t wait till I got to my destination.
Performing even the simplest of tasks while driving is distracting and dangerous.
You shouldn’t even be gisting and laughing while driving let alone perform a task that would mean your eyes are not on the road even if for a split second.
That split second could mean you don’t get to that destination you are such in a rush to get to or worse…you may never get anywhere but the mortuary…you could become incapacitated.
There are just a number of things that could go wrong.
If something did go wrong…in hindsight what would you do differently?
Do that before something goes wrong.
Keep yourself and the people around you safe.
If it really can’t wait, pull over, perform the task and then continue driving.

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