The common good: a choice?

Why does it seem like the concept of the common good is one that is not practical in Nigeria?

Employees in Nigerian organizations have no idea what the vision, goal or objectives of their organizations are, let alone have any sense of sharing or belonging.
In politics it’s about how much wealth can be amassed within the window you have.
As a nation, it’s about personal advancement, ensuring personal and family comfort.
Detachment is the watch word.

I saw a headline I was happy to read, only to realize it was a joke about the terrorist Boko Haram group releasing fifty of the abducted girls because Nigeria won a match in the world cup.  Someone defended it by saying we should be able to laugh about our problems.

The ‘unless it’s broken and directly affecting you don’t bother’ mentality in Nigeria might just be the reason our organizations, systems (health care, education etc.)and nation are in their current undesirable state.
But even when it affects us, there is still a sense of helplessness and people do not do much to change anything. They assume they are safer in their silence and personal struggles for a better tomorrow.
But are we really safe? How secure is the tomorrow we are struggling today to secure with money?

The insecurities and problems we are faced with daily is enough reasons for all hands to be on deck working hard to meet goals that will be for the greater good.
This can only happen if we change our current perceptions.
The choices and decisions we make on a daily basis matter and contribute to the fabric of our society. We have to be responsible and accountable citizens in every aspect of our lives…then we can expect the same from our leaders who are a product of our society, values and beliefs

The greater/common good is our good, the good of those we love and the good of future generations!

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