Handwashing Rocks – Yet another reason

There is a new virus that has been detected in Saudi Arabia and its environs. This one is called the ‘Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. It’s another type of the human coronavirus that causes upper respiratory tract illnesses.

You remember the one? No? You remember SARS?
Yes that’s the one. A derivative of the corona virus causes SARS.
It could also cause lower respiratory tract illness like pneumonia.
About 4 species have been reportedly detected to cause infection in humans. With one infecting both humans and some animals.

A lot is not known about this new virus but it is said to be transmitted from human to human through hand shaking, coughing and sneezing, touching infected surfaces … just generally touching anything or anyone that has come in contact with the virus.

Cure? None yet.
But you can help yourself by acting safely to protect yourself from contracting this disease
How? Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Everyday, we are given more reasons why we should engage in this safe and simple but neglected practice of regular hand washing.
Make regular hand washing a habit….it might just make the difference.

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