Change? But Why?

When asked to do something the first thing that crosses the average mind is “Why?” You may not ask why directly but you will have or seek a fundamental understanding of the rationale behind the act you are expected to perform. This is especially true when we are faced with […]

Documentation: what is the big deal?

Why establish processes and document it? I happen to be in charge of operational processes, business documentation and implementation at work. It’s a growing organization with a grand vision that has the ability to transform the way construction is done in Nigeria…but most times I wonder… Will it be done […]

Culture: the visible and invisible

What do we question? The behavior or the factors that form the behavior? The consequence or the underlying assumption? Do we seek to treat a headache by popping a pill or do we try to understand the reason for the headache? It’s like when a person is ill and has […]

Diet and lifestyle: The key

Recently I did some reading on cholesterol and foods that help lower them. Lemme share some of the information I gathered… The aim is to lower LDL (lower density lipoprotein), the harmful kinda cholesterol. There are fruits mostly citrus fruits that help like apples, strawberries,  grapes and even avocados. There are […]

Data collection, Development and Improvement

Are these three mutually dependent or are they mutually exclusive? Can there be development without data collection? Can there be continuous improvement without development or data collection? Are development and continuous improvement dependent on data collection? In my opinion the answer to the above questions is YES. How can you […]