Loneliness causes early death!!!

Loneliness is a feeling of isolation. You could be surrounded by people and still feel lonely.
You could have a meaningful career, be in a relationship, be married,  be surrounded by family…basically have all the trappings of a seemingly good life and still feel lonely.
The feeling of loneliness originated as a defense mechanism.  Humans depended on each other for protection so if a person was too close to the perimeters of their social circle and likely to fall prey, the feeling would alert them.
In this present day, the feeling has more serious consequences that have nothing to do with defense.
Loneliness will kill you faster than obesity or a sedentary lifestyle will…and we know how bad those are for us.
Loneliness is as strong a predictor for death as is drinking and smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
All this from an article I stumbled accross on the Wall Street Journal…and yes these facts are based on actual studies involving about 300, 000 persons.
Banish that feeling and do something you enjoy doing.
Stay healthy and alive

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